Based on creativity and experience, we produce systems for integrated fully automatic test processes for non-destructive material testing.

R&D, production and assembly are all under one roof. This combination makes us highly flexible, enabling us to respond to any customer requirement within a very short time. Whether we are dealing with standard products or special solutions through to the most individual machine construction.

Overview of our specialist areas:

  • R&D, production and assembly of eddy current testing systems, test coils and probes for highly accurate error analysis
  • Customer-specific construction sizes and special solutions
  • Equipment design (combination of fine mechanical engineering, electronics, firmware/software)
  • Mechanical special equipment design (for inclusion in existing production lines)

Cenith technology application areas:

  • Eddy current testing on transverse, longitudinal and spot errors on bars and endless material (circumference and sections)
  • Weld seam testing on pipes (circumference and sections)
  • Eddy current testing on individual parts
  • Hardness testing on individual parts
  • Magnetization through permanent or electric yokes
  • De-magnetization
  • Colour marking for identification purposes
  • Services:

    • Etalon production
    • Ground section production / analysis via microscope
    • Sample bar testing