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The new Cenith MPS eddy current tester is the answer to one of the most demanding challenges in modern material testing.

The completely new technology this system uses allows transverse cracks to be tested.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Test coil has no moving parts and is therefore wear-free, requiring little maintenance
  • Ideal for inclusion in existing automatic test and production lines thanks to its compact dimensions
  • No moving parts means low service costs
  • Measurement depths not previously achieved with eddy current
  • Simple operation with intuitive interface
  • Adjustable permanent yoke: The benefits of an electric yoke with minimum space requirement
  • Height-adjustable yoke stand
  • Roller guide can be integrated


  • Surface testing with transverse crack detection
  • Endless and bar testing in production
  • Testing within a production line (e.g. in massive forming process)
  • Unit part testing and comparison testing
  • Hardness testing and material mix-up testing
  • Distance measuring with eddy current probe
  • Weld seam testing and detection